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To resolve time management problems it is essential to uncover unhelpful beliefs and sabotaging strategies. If it was as simple as acting on what we know we would all be experts at time management. Our actions are a result of our beliefs, therefore to change our actions we need to change our beliefs. We have strategies that help us in one area but limit us in others. Successful beliefs and strategies are essential to good time management. Over committing and lack of boundaries are two common causes of poor time management. Here are some of the beliefs and strategies that cause them.

Over commitment

Over-committing is planning too many tasks for the time available. Over committing leads to stress, overwhelm and feeling torn between obligations and people. We can become dependent on unhealthy stimulants to keep going.

Unhelpful Belief: The more we schedule in the more we achieve. This can be true, however long term over-committing compromises health which requires lengthy time off to recover. Maintaining an average work load is more stable and maintainable long term.

Strategy: To gain approval and self worth from others by always saying yes to requests. We need to have the behavioral flexibility to say yes or no depending on the circumstances. Gaining self approval through acknowledging your daily achievements and good qualities is far more affective and easier to maintain.

Strategy: Relying on our achievements to boost self worth. There comes a time when we dont achieve because of illness, aging or going on a holiday, then our self worth decreases. Know that you are valuable just because you exist and not because of your achievements.

Build self worth and create balance by valuing who you are, not what you do. We are human beings not human doings. Just for this week take twenty minutes of your time to sit and do nothing except recognize your value just because you exist.

Lack of Boundaries

Boundaries are the invisible lines we draw between what we will and wont give in regards to our time, space and energy. Without boundaries we can become frustrated and inefficient through the interruptions and distractions that we have enabled. We can feel disempowered and resentful.

Unhelpful Belief: A nice person would say yes. A nice person may be less honest about what they want which inhibits true connection. We can be considerate of others and state our boundaries by respectfully voicing Workforce Management Software and enforcing how much time we have available for them.

Unhelpful Belief: My needs arent as important as others. This strategy eventually erodes self esteem. We need to consider others needs and make a conscious choice about when and how much we can assist them.

Strategy: To avoid conflict. This strategy causes us to say yes when we really want to say no to others requests. Look for a win win solution that allows you stick with your boundaries and support others. Know that you are not responsible for how others react to your decisions.

Strategy: To meet a need for variety and spontaneity. Try to meet your need for variety within the boundaries that you have set. Diarize free time; when you have the freedom of choice to do nothing or anything you want.

Learning to set healthy boundaries in the area of time management can help us to value ourselves more and set boundaries in other areas of our lives. Just for this week take a small risk and set a minor boundary. Notice and feel the positive changes that result.

There are plenty of free tools and tips to enable excellent time management. Many people struggle with utilizing their time effectively because unhelpful beliefs and strategies prevent them from acting on what they know. These unhelpful ideas and patterns are often reflected in other parts of life as well so resolving them is essential for an emotionally healthy lifestyle.

Author's Bio:

Allison Bright from Bright Life Coaching specializes in Work Life Balance solutions. Her 18 years personal development experience provides valuable insights and practical answers to everyday work life balance challenges. To receive free information and tips on work-life balance challenges go to or email

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02 Nov 2015
HVAC: What You Must Know Before You Start

There is no choice but to maintain your HVAC maintained properly. You may well be here because you wish to learn all you can to create your HVAC last a long time. Then you're planning to love the content below, which includes lots of helpful suggestions.

Tour your house before calling a technician if your HVAC is offering you problems. Know what area of the property is cold and which hvac frederick md can be hot. Give these details to the contractor after they arrive.

Clean the fan blades and coils with your condenser each spring. Transform it off first which means you don't get injured or break something. Next, pop the grill off, place the blades out and begin to gently clean them combined with the unit.

Replace the windows that happen to be single pane with windows which can be double pane in case the property is yours or you're permitted to. Double pane windows help minimize your air cooling use in the summertime by keeping the cooler air in your home. This also helps retain heated air in the colder months.

Consider acquiring a programmable thermostat to your AC. The truth is, you save up to 10 percent on heating and air conditioning when you turn your thermostat by by 10-15 percent for a minimum of 8 hours daily. You can often control it from the cellular phone!

If trees are losing leaves around your property, this will impact your HVAC unit. Clean the fan grill often when leaves are falling. Your fan needs an unobstructed method to get air inside, and also the more blocked up it will become, the more headaches will develop for you using the system.

You have to lubricate parts of your fan condenser. A rubber or metal cap is normally placed over such ports. Choose an oil graded SAE hvac frederick md 20, it can be non-detergent and lightweight. Place about 10 drops into each of the ports, being careful that it is not going to overfill.

You ought to put it somewhere where there is lots of shade in order to know best places to put an outside compressor. As soon as your unit takes in cool air, it takes less energy to tool air, thus boosting efficiency.

Once it gets cold outside, you must shut off the outdoor condenser unit. Turn the unit off and away to prevent damage in case the outside temp is under 60 degrees. This simple tip can help retain the system running efficiently for many years in the future.

Ask those you understand for that name of any great HVAC technician, should you need one. People who have experienced a good experience are frequently pleased to share the name of their contractor. It's also important to accomplish this to find out which companies hvac frederick md really should not be contracted for work.

Tend not to let your property get dangerously hot. AC units will simply cool a house down 20 degrees. When your home transpires with get near 100 degrees Fahrenheit, then you hvac frederick md will simply have the capacity to reasonably cool to around 80. Based on humidity levels, this isn't a safe temperature for the body of a human to rest at to recuperate from summer heat.

Do not let your home to get extremely hot. Ac units cannot sufficiently cool off unreasonably high temps. Should your home hvac frederick md heats up to 100 degrees, the temperature will undoubtedly reduce to around 80. Based on just what the humidity is, this may not be cool enough to become safe temperature to fall asleep at when dealing with the harsh summer heat.

For your HVAC system to run more proficiently, take into consideration placing a radiant barrier in your attic. This may block the high temperature which comes in. You may even have the capacity to start surviving in your attic.

A radiant barrier is surely an awesome device that will help improve the efficiency of your own HVAC unit. It blocks the high temperature from inside, reducing exactly how much energy you need to cool off your home during summer. It it's installed properly, you may even have the capacity to make use of attic as being an extra room.

When thinking about what size AC unit your home needs, make sure to study the immediate area you have to cool. This calculation will show you how many BTU's you will need. Sum their areas if you are cooling several room.

Make an HVAC system run more effectively by determining what direction your home faces. Trees block morning sunlight, stopping your property from getting too hot. The less your property is heated, the less you'll need to use your air conditioner to cool things off.

Do you need a brand new HVAC system? Before you purchase one, several things should be thought about. System ratings derive from the region which can be cooled and heated effectively by the system. It's a good idea to buy something that's greater than you'd need as an alternative to getting something that's not large enough.

Are you considering acquiring a new heating/cooling system? You can find items you must consider first. HVAC systems possess a rating to determine just how much space you should use it on. It's a smart idea to purchase something that's bigger than you'd need instead of getting something that's not large enough.

Look at the area that requires cooling before choosing a unit. The calculation to look for the scale of the system is typically 20 BTU for every single square foot of area. Just add their total sq footage if multiple rooms need cooling.

Always find out how much experience a contractor has in the market. Make certain they are knowledgeable about the level of work that is required. This will help to maximize their productivity.

Cover your condenser unit for protection in the wintertime time. This will ensure your unit is sustained whenever it isn't utilized. When the temperature is below 60 either, don't turn it on. You should utilize the fan instead since this will stop your unit from getting strained.

Ideally, you really feel more informed regarding how your HVAC works. Many people need motivation before they are able to really enter into taking care of their system. When things commence to click, you'll be very glad you did.

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01 Nov 2015