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DDS (digital data storage) tape format was launched in 1989 and since its introduction it has proven to be the top most choice of the leading companies. Installations of DDS tape technology around the world is in millions. Part number C7438 is a powerful and robust tape drive engineered by click here HP. C7438 tape drive is based on the high performance DDS-5 also known as DAT-72 tape format. HP click here DAT-72 C7438 is an internal tape drive. HP C7438 tape drive assures low ownership cost, scalability and offers unprecedented media performance. The mechanism of HP C7438A tape drive was founded on the DAT-72 media tape format which has always delivered enhanced cost efficiency, improved media durability and low cost per GB and is excepted to continue this tradition for the future DDS tape generations.

HP DAT-72 C7438A drive provides its customers the capability to fulfill todays performance and recording capacity needs. HP DDS5 tape drives protect your previous backup storage investments and create a link with the future DDS backup tape versions. DDS 5 technology is preferred by the customers as it ensures consistent performance, data security, low operational costs and improved scalability. High capacity HP DDS-5 drive can record 72GB data with 2x compression ratio. Native capacity offered by HP C7438A drive is 36 GB.

HP C7438A drive offers you the best reliable solutions and can also write/read information from its previous versions DDS4 & DDS 3 media tapes. This DDS-5 tape drive can perfectly record and extract data from all the DDS4 and DDS3 tape brands including: Imation DDS4 backup tape, Imation DDS-3, Maxell DDS4 tapes, Quantum DDS-4, IBM DDS-3, IBM DDS4 tape, Maxell DDS 3 tapes, Sony DDS4 tape cartridge, Sony DDS3 media click here tape, Fuji DDS4 data tape, Fuji DDS3 backup tape cartridge, HP DDS4, Dell DDS4, Quantum DDS 3 tape, HP DDS-3.

Respective part numbers of above tapes are: 40963, 11737, 200028, CDM40, 59H3465, 59H4456, 200025-B, DGD150PWW, DGD125PWW-B, 26047350-B, 26047300, C5718A, 09W083, CDM24, C5708A.

Cleaning cartridge for DDS drives designed by HP is click here C5709A. This DDS cleaning cartridge delivers excellent results and helps in long term data protection. DDS-5 tape brands are: TDK DDS5 tape (part number 27746), Quantum DAT72 backup tapes (part number CDM72), Sony DAT-72 (part number DGDAT72WW), Maxell DDS-5 data tape (part number 200200), HP DAT-72 tape (part number C8010A), Fuji DDS-5 tapes (part number 26046172), Imation DDS5 backup cartridge (part hvac website number 17204), IBM DAT72 tape cartridge (part number 18P7912).

HP C7438A drive is best suited for large workstations, departmental LANs, data centers, web servers and data intensive applications. These DDS-5 tape drives have an average file access time of 55 seconds. High capacity DDS-5 C7438A drive ensures connectivity with the leading backup software, operating systems and servers. Transfer speed of HP DDS5 C7438A drive reaches 21.6 GB/hr. Reliable media tracking and soft loading system of HP C7438A tape drive results in greater read/write accuracy.

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04 Dec 2015
Jell-O Gelatinclick here Sputzer" data-credit-link="" src="" title="Jell-O Gelatin"/>Thousands of families around the world come together at least once a year, and sometimes more, for their reunions. If youre like me, you get to go to two; one for my side of the family, and one for my future wifes. But, no matter which group it is, one thing always remains the same. People love to eat, and they really love to eat sweets.

In fact, I cant think of any other type of situation where youre allowed, or even encouraged, to eat multiple courses of everything, including desserts, at one sitting.

Practically Everybody Brings Something, So Why Not Bring a Great Jell-O Dessert?

Almost every family member will be bringing a dish of some kind to the gathering. And many, having learned from experience, will be bringing desserts. Sure, you could be the person who brings the obligatory three bean casserole, but have you ever noticed how much is always left over? Wouldnt you click here rather be the one who brings something so delicious that all you have to take home with you is an empty container?

Thats where this simple, yet scrumptious Jell-O dessert comes in. My future wifes family calls it Pink Cloud, and the name just about hvac website says it all. Light and fluffy, with a sweet tanginess that will drive your taste buds wild! The ingredient list is simple, just these four items.

Ingredients for Pink Cloud Jell-O Gelatin Dessert1 three ounce package strawberry flavored Jell-O gelatin1 sixteen ounce can crushed pineapple in juice1 twelve ounce package small curd cottage cheese1 eight ounce container of Cool Whip whipped toppingWhat Youll Need to Prepare Pink Cloud Jell-O Gelatin DessertOne medium sauce panOne medium cake pan, cornbread pan, or casserole dishPam (or similar brand) cooking sprayHow to Make Pink Cloud Jell-O Gelatin DessertBegin by heating the pineapple and juice in a medium sauce pan until simmering. Then stir in the strawberry flavored Jell-O gelatin until completely dissolved, (I recommend stirring for around 2 minutes) and remove from heat.Allow the pineapple and Jell-O mixture to cool to around room temperature.Stir in the click here small curd cottage cheese and the Cool Whip until evenly blended.Using Pam or some other cooking spray, lightly coat a medium cake hvac pan.Spread Pink Cloud Jell-O mixture evenly into the pan and place in the refrigerator overnight to set.Thats all there is to it! A great tasting, simple treat thats incredibly easy to prepare. No baking required. Try it for yourself and maybe youll be a big hit at your next family reunion! Enjoy!

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04 Dec 2015